Marshmallows handmade in Rochford, Essex using the finest ingredients

Our awesome handmade marshmallows are available in a range of different flavours including vanilla, chocolate, mint choc chip and toasted coconut. You can also try our Moonshine alcoholic marshmallows including strawberry champagne, raspberry prosecco and Baileys Irish Cream.

Each marshmallow is made by hand from scratch with natural and fresh ingredients. The whole making process is done by hand from the melting and mixing (with a little help from a mixer to save muscles!) to the cutting, dusting and finally packaging.

We use actual flavours where we can, our toasted coconut is made with coconut water and real coconut flakes, lemon meringue contains freshly squeezed lemon juice amd our moonshine marshmallows for adults are made with alcohol for a naughty treat! 

Munch them straight from the bag or choose one of our gift sets for a more decadent marshmallow experience. Make S'mores, dip them in chocolate or caramel, (or both!) or go for our exclusive chocolate marshmallow truffles - Muffles!

Planning a wedding or event in Essex?

We are happy to supply our marshmallows in large batches. Contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to make the event extra special.