Our Story

'It's not about the destination, it's about the journey'

and we've loved every minute of it!

An Idea Is Born

My Dad's favourite sweet has always been marshmallows. One day I bought a food magazine which happened to have a recipe for marshmallows in. I was amazed to find that you could actually make them in your own kitchen!

As Father's Day was approaching I decided to make some for my Dad. I didn't realise what a sticky mess I would eventually end up in!

Nevertheless I made vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ones for that Father's Day, although they weren't quite what I expected. Making marshmallows was harder than it looked. 

After a few more (ok, lots more!) tries and making some adjustments to the ingredients I finally cracked it! Soft pillowy marshmallows that melt in your mouth! Of course, my Dad is my chief taster and I'm never short of friends to test them!

The next steps

Ever since I made my first marshmallows I have enjoyed s'mores. They are such a simple yet tasty treat! I wanted to bring s'mores to everyone to show how amazing they are so I had my s'mores bar made. You can now hire our marshmallow toasting station fully loaded with handmade marshmallows, Graham Crackers made by Hugo's Pantry, chocolate and lots of extras such as salted caramel and toffee sauces, dessicated coconut, strawberries, the list goes on!

We have lots of exciting ideas to bring to you so join us on social media, links below, where you can keep up with all our latest additions, flavours and events.